Chair Yoga in Brookfield

Mondays at 10 am

60 minutes 

Are you limited in mobility? Do your joints and muscles feel stiff and achy? If so, chair yoga is accessible and effective for you. There will be no postures on the back or knees, seated and standing postures only. Each class will focus on postures that mobilize, strengthen and stabilize the hips, back, shoulders and neck. Each class uses movement that is supported by breath to help promote mind and body integration. This class is offered at HealthReach Rehabilitation in Brookfield, WI.


Yoga for Back Health

Wednesdays at 5 pm

60 minutes

Do you live with chronic pain? Do you constantly ache due to back pain or arthritis? Are you able to get up and down from the floor? If so, this class is right for you. Yoga for chronic back pain and osteoarthritis focuses on postures that promote improved flexibility for areas that commonly get tight and strength and stability for weak back, core, hips, shoulders and neck. This class will incorporate breath guided movement to improve your body awareness and mind/body connection.

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