Concussion Program

HealthReach Program Helps Youth, Adult Athletes
Manage Concussions and Safely Return to Play

Concussions in youth athletes are on the rise and can have long-term negative effects on the field and in the classroom. HealthReach's Sports Concussion Program was created to help athletes effectively manage sports-related concussions and help them safely return to play. Our comprehensive program addresses all the major best practice baseline and post-injury assessments for athletes in the Milwaukee area and elsewhere in southeastern Wisconsin. (Read the news release about our concussion baseline testing program.)

Mike Tabor, PT, MS

Tests Establish Pre-Concussion Baseline

Baseline testing is endorsed by research and is now used in most professional and collegiate athletic programs. Comprehensive baseline tests gather results for pre-injury neurocognitive and neurophysical functions. In the event of a head injury - minor or major - baseline results can be used in comparison to post-injury functions. With that information in hand, treating medical personnel and athletes can make informed decisions about recovery and returning to play.

HealthReach's Compehensive Concussion Prorgam

Symptom Checklist: HealthReach uses the Biodex Play It S.A.F.E® Concussion Management Symptom Checklist to collect information on the athlete's symptoms at baseline, at the time of incident and post-injury. This graded rating system provides is a comprehensive approach to assessment.

Neurocognitive Testing: HealthReach utilizes the Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT). The Axon Sports CCAT establishes a benchmark for cognitive function by measuring the speed and accuracy of different aspects of thinking including: processing speed, attention, learning and working memory. Unlike many of the neurocognitive tests that are currently used, The Axon Sports CCAT is faster and is not predisposed to practice effects.

Neuromotor Tests: HealthReach uses Biodex Biosway, a computerized balance testing system, to conduct the Clinical Test of Sensory Integration of Balance (CTSIB). The CTSIB is a researched and accepted test protocol that helps to determine which sensory system an athlete relies on to maintain balance. Research suggests that recovery period from a concussion coincides with recovery of postural stability (balance) as well as normalization of cognitive function.

Baseline Tests are Quick and Easy

Baseline tests are simple, quick, and low-cost. Baseline tests are conducted by HealthReach's licensed physical therapists and athletic trainers.

Testing takes approximately 25 minutes and includes computer-based cognitive and balance assessments.

Your tests are confidential and will only be shared with treating medical personnel in the instance of a head injury and per your written consent. The out-of-pocket fee for the comprehensive baseline test is $25. (Assessment and treatment following a concussion can be covered by insurance and may require a physician's prescription.

HealthReach accepts most commercial health insurance policies, as well as Medicaid and Worker's Compensation.)

To arrange a baseline test, call our main office in Brookfield at 262-780-0707.

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