Center for Pain Resolution

Our Philosophy

At the Center for Pain Resolution, we believe that each patient is a unique individual. Each person must therefore be extensively evaluated to determine three things:

  1. What structure or tissue is the source of pain?
  2. What is causing the irritation of the painful structure or tissue?
  3. What changes can be made to reduce or eliminate the abnormal irritation?

Once those questions are answered, we can plan and engage treatment and pain management steps.

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We Offer Treatment and Strategies to Manage Pain

HealthReach’s Center for Pain Resolutiuon provides effective and compassionate treatment for people of all ages affected by unresolved pain. This specialized approach can be applied to a wide range of problems, from headaches or TMJ pain, to knee pain or chronic back pain

Our dedicated, hands-on experts at our Milwaukee-area clinics and elsewhere in Wisconsin focus on improving patients' function by treating the sources of their pain and providing education and effective strategies so they can reach the goal of self-management.

Education focuses on correct posture and body movement. However, restrictions or dysfunctions can make abnormal movements difficult to correct. Our therapists specialize in identifying and treating the various types of restrictions and dysfunctions. Once those situations are addressed, normal movement becomes easier, less painful and more natural.


Those restrictions and dysfunctions can be broken down into four categories:

  1. Connective tissue restrictions
  2. Muscle dysfunctions
  1. Joint restrictions
  2. Muscle imbalances

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