Hip Replacement


Hip replacement is a surgical intervention in which the diseased ball and/or socket of the hip joint are completely removed and replaced with artificial materials.

A metal ball with a stem (a prosthesis) maybe inserted into the fumur (thigh bone) and/or an artificial plastic cup socket is placed in the acetabulum (socket). If medications, changes in your everyday activities, and the use of walking aids such as a cane are not helpful, hip replacement surgery may be an option. By replacing your diseased hip joint with an artificial joint, hip replacement surgery can relieve your pain, increase motion, and help you get back to enjoying normal, everyday activities.


After surgery you may have pain in and around your incision. You may also feel some numbness in the skin around your incision. Stiffness, particularly with excessive bending, is common following surgery. Those differences often diminish with time, and most patients find they are minor compared with the pain and limited function they experienced prior to surgery.

What to expect from therapy

Following surgery, you will be advised to avoid certain activities, including jogging and high-impact sports. You may be asked to avoid specific positions of the joint that could lead to dislocation.

Walking and light activity are important to your recovery and will begin the day of or the day after your surgery. Most patients who undergo total hip replacement begin standing and walking with walker or other assistive device and a physical therapist the day after surgery.

The physical therapist will teach you specific exercises to strengthen your hip and restore movement for walking and other normal daily activities.

Once you leave the hospital depending on your level of recovery you may require outpatient physical therapy. Complete restoration of function following a hip replacement will also include a comprehensive exercise program emphasizing flexibility, strength, and balance.

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