Ankle Sprain


Sprains are injuries to ligaments, the bands that hold the joint together. Ankle sprains occur when the foot twists or turns beyond its normal range, causing the ligaments to stretch beyond their normal length. If the force is too strong the ligaments may tear. An ankle sprain is given a grade depending on the amount of ligament damage – Grade 1 mild, Grade 2 moderate, Grade 3 severe.


  • Immediate pain, tenderness to touch
  • Swelling, frequent bruising
  • Pain with movement of the ankle
  • Inability to bear weight through the ankle

What to expect from therapy

The physical therapist will teach you how to regain ankle mobility through range of motion exercises and will determine which strengthening exercises are right for you based on the severity of your injury. The physical therapist will develop an exercise program that is specialized to meet the demands of your routine daily activities, job duties or the sport you want to return to.

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