If you consider how many steps we take during the day and that that each stride an adult takes places 900 lbs. per square inch of pressure on the bottom of the feet, it is no wonder that everyone at some time in their lives will suffer from some type of foot or ankle problem.

You have probably heard the saying, "when your feet hurt, you hurt all over." The more time people spend on their feet during the day, the more the feet can hurt, even without a specific diagnosis.

Complaints of tired, sore, swollen or painful feet can mean something different for each person.

For some, foot pain is due to lack of natural fat padding on the bottom of the foot that protects the bones from excessive pressure. This padding can start to diminish with age.

Others develop plantar fasciitis, an inflammatory condition of the plantar fascia, the thick connective tissue beneath the skin that runs from heel to toes along the bottom of the foot.

There are also various nerve problems that have to be considered in an examination.

Then too, in some cases, it may not be a foot problem at all that is causing the distress.

Identifying the source of the problem is an important first step. HealthReach therapists provide treatment for ankle and foot conditions which may include exercise, manual therapy or various modalities . Recommendations on proper footwear is an essential component of our comprehensive treatment approach as we work with you to prevent foot or ankle pain from recurring in the future.

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