The causes of dizziness are many and varied, including medications, injury, vestibular and most often multifactorial.

Following are a few commonly treated problems related to dizziness. Contact HeathReach Rehab for treatment for any of these, or to discuss therapy for other issues related to dizziness.

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is caused by movement of debris in a semicircular canal resulting in dizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness, imbalance, nausea which is usually short-lived and predictable (but not always!) and is treated most often with a positioning maneuver in the clinic. If this does not offer full resolution, there are exercises that can be taught to the patient. This is generally a successfully treated problem.

Vestibular neuritis presents with vertigo, nausea for 3-4 days acutely, and can become chronic with persistent motion sensitivity,disequilibrium. Treatment includes adaptation of motion tolerance and gaze and postural stability.

Central vertigo can give a sense of vertigo, nausea, disequilibrium and lightheadedness. Treatments include learning compensatory strategies and substitution, maximizing the use of the other balance systems available.

Vestibular hypofunction can result in many of the same symptoms-lightheadedness, vertigo, blurred vision, instability. Vestibular rehab can be helpful in facilitating recovery, reducing symptoms and improving safety and mobility.

Meniere’s symptoms include hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing) , vertigo, fullness in one or both ears. Vestibular rehab may offer some relief by maximizing balance, compensatory techniques and safety during a time when symptoms are at bay.

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