Myofascial Pain


Myofascial pain is a chronic form of muscle pain. Everyone gets muscle soreness from time to time with activity, but Myofascial Pain does not resolve with time.


Myofascial Pain feels like extremely sore and painful muscles in often large and multiple regions of the body. Chronic fatigue, a general lack of energy, can be associated with this problem.

What you can expect from therapy

The initial evaluation will determine what may be causing the continued muscular soreness. Specific movement tests and palpation tests are done to identify which joints, muscles, and other tissues are the most likely cause of your condition.

Please refer to the Center for Pain Resolution in the Services/Specialties section for a complete listing of the treatments provided for the four categories of problems treated: 1) Connective Tissue Restrictions, 2) Muscle Dysfunctions, 3) Joint Restrictions, and 4) Muscle Imbalances

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