Headaches can vary from pain at the base skull and neck, to the top of the head, to the temples, to the eyes, to the forehead. The causes can also vary significantly from sinus pressure to migraines, to food allergies or other sensitivities. In physical therapy we identify if the pain is coming from muscle tension created in the neck or jaw muscles.


Dysfunction in the neck or jaw joints and muscles can cause headaches in multiple areas including the forehead and behind the eyes. The muscle tension in the neck or jaw may not be as obvious as the headache. Therefore, if you have what you believe are sinus headaches that do not benefit from decongestants, the cause may not be sinuses. In other cases patients will notice that their neck is tight when they have a headache.

What you can expect from therapy

The therapists at the Center for Pain Resolution will perform a comprehensive movement and tissue mobility evaluation to identify where the abnormal muscle tension is originating from. Once that question is answered, a specialized therapy approach of specific hands on or “manual” treatments in addition to highly individualized exercises is utilized to correct the problem.

Specifically, our treatments are designed to address these four common problems: 1) Connective Tissue Restrictions, 2) Muscle Dysfunctions, 3) Joint Restrictions, and 4) Muscle Imbalances.

Please refer to the Center for Pain Resolution section of the Services/Specialties listing at the top of the home page for specific descriptions of the various treatments provided to correct those four problems.

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