Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue, leading to bone fragility.  Fragile bones have an increased risk of fracture from minimal stresses.  Osteoporosis is responsible for more than 1.5 million fractures annually, including 300,000 hip fractures, approximately 700,000 vertebral fractures, 250,000 wrist fractures, and more than 300,000 fractures at other sites.  The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) states, “One in two women and one in four men over the age of 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in his or her remaining lifetime.”  This disorder can cause real disabilities, deformities, chronic pain, and even death.  There aren’t many symptoms of osteoporosis, which is why it’s called “the silent killer,” and many times it is only found after a fall and fracture has occurred.  The key to prevention is early detection and weight-bearing exercise.

Risk Factors

  • Gender– women are at increased risk, though men get osteoporosis too!
  • Increased Age
  • Body Size– a thin frame
  • Ethnicity– especially European and Asian
  • Genetics—family history of fractures
  • Low Calcium and Vitamin D intake
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol intake (>2 per day)
  • Physical Inactivity
  • Low estrogen or testosterone levels
  • Certain long term medication use, including corticosteroids
  • High Caffeine intake

What to expect at therapy

Weight-bearing exercise can improve bone health.  If you have osteoporosis, it is important to reduce your fracture risk by not only performing weight-bearing exercise, but also by working on your balance and posture in order to reduce falls.  Certain postures or positions should be avoided to prevent spinal fractures, including a flexed posture.   A therapist will evaluate your posture, flexibility, strength, sensation, spinal mobility, and balance.  The therapist will discuss your goals and aim to give you tips on preventing fracture as well as a personalized exercise program to help maintain good bone health.  

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