Cubital Tunnel Syndrome


Cubital Tunnel Syndrome occurs when there is an injury to the ulnar nerve from repetitive pulling (traction) with elbow ligament laxity;  subluxation/disclocation (movement) of the nerve outside of the groove where it is supposed to sit; compression of the nerve; or a direct trauma. The physician may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and rest, but at times surgery may be necessary  (ulnar nerve transposition).


  • Tenderness in elbow, forearm
  • Numbness or tingling of the ring and little fingers
  • Weakness of the hand
  • Deformity of elbow

What to expect at therapy

A therapist will evaluate your elbow pain, range of motion, muscle strength, sensation of arm especially fingers, and your ability to perform activities of daily living.  Therapy will include recommendation of rest and night time soft padded protector for elbow, positioning of arm, therapeutic exercises, and therapeutic modalities (cold ).

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