How to Apply for Support from the KidReach Foundation

What is the purpose of the KidReach Foundation?

The KidReach Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to helping support families and children with special needs — one family and one child at a time.  Our goal is for each child to reach his or her full potential by providing families and children the resources and opportunities needed to succeed. The KidReach Foundation is an affiliate of Hope Community Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit-organization.

Are there income restrictions?

Yes. The KidReach Foundation helps families that are unable to obtain help from any other source.  Income, insurance reimbursement, number of dependants, medical expenses, and cost of requested service or equipment are all taken into consideration when deciding to fund a request.

Is there a limit to how much money can be spent on a family?

Yes. The KidReach Foundation is on a fixed budget which could change yearly depending on the amount of sponsorships and donations that have come in. Families are free to combine funding dollars with funding of their own money or from outside sources.  A family is only able to receive help from the Foundation once per calendar year.

What can be expected after I submit an application?

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. Due to the high number of applications being submitted not all applications are guaranteed to be approved. You will receive a response from the KidReach Foundation after a decision has been made regarding your application.

What types of services will be covered?

The KidReach Foundation helps families with a wide variety of needs including, but not limited to, medical and adaptive equipment and medical expenses and care.

Download the Application Form.

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