Torticollis is a tightening of a child's neck muscles, which causes the head to tilt to one side and turn to the other side.


Torticollis can make it difficult for children to turn their heads for visual tracking, hold their heads in an upright position and perform appropriate upper extremity movements necessary for feeding and play.

It can also affect flattening of the child's face, ear and head and appropriate cleaning of the neck and shoulder.

What you can expect from therapy

The physical therapist will perform an evaluation to assess the child's passive range of motion, active range of motion, muscle tightness, muscle strength and gross motor skills.

The physical therapist also checks for other conditions that can occur with children who present with torticollis such as plagiocephaly (abnormal head shape), hip dysplasia (misalignment of the hip joint), and spine problems. The therapist then discusses those results with the family and makes appropriate recommendations for physical therapy treatment if indicated. The physical therapist instructs the family in a stretching and positioning program designed specifically to the child's needs. The parents then perform the home exercises daily with the child and follow-up as recommended by the physical therapist to ensure attainment of all physical therapy goals.

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