Mobility refers to how your body is able to move, specifically at the various joints of your body.

Balance is the ability to distribute weight evenly through your body and to use the muscles of your legs and feet to help keep you upright. Balance can also be looked at in sitting which involves the use of your trunk (back and stomach) muscles to keep you from falling out of a sitting position.

Gait refers to walking, and can include walking at various speeds, on various terrain, and in various directions, such as sidestepping and taking steps backward.


Difficulty in moving through a full motion through any joint affects your overall mobility. Many individuals have restrictions in certain areas, such as hamstrings (back of the legs), shoulder muscles, their back, or even through their ribcage. This can be caused by various factors such as a muscle imbalance, stiffening of a certain body part(s) to guard against pain, or even a bony malformation.

Balance can be affected by weakness of certain muscle groups or even a generalized decreased muscle tone (hypotonia). Balance can also be affected by your body awareness and your comfort with moving through space.

Gait problems can be caused by decreased overall mobility and poor balance as well as many other factors, such as overall strength and postural control.

What you can expect from therapy

An evaluation will be performed to help determine what may be causing limited mobility, balance problems, or gait delays/abnormalities in your child.

NDT (neurodevelopmental treatment) techniques may be used to increase your child’s ability to shift outside their comfort zone, increase the control of their overall posture, or stimulate smaller muscles to strengthen and activate.

Sensory techniques may be used to help your child feel more comfortable with movement through space and to increase the overall awareness of their body.

Specific strengthening may be needed, in areas determined at the evaluation, that will improve your child’s overall balance or the motion and strength of their lower body which will make balancing and walking easier.

Home exercise program ideas will be provided for carry-over of ideas between sessions so your child can continue to work on motion and balance at home and in their daily activities.

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