Any significant impairment in a child’s physical (gross and fine motor), cognitive, communication (speech and language), behavioral, emotional, or social development that causes that child to lag behind their peers in comparison to norms could be considered developmental delay.


  • Gross motor delay: delayed in sitting, crawling, walking
  • Fine motor delay: delayed in holding, grasping, manipulating
  • Speech delay: delayed in speech sound production skills
  • Language delay: delayed in receptive and expressive language skills

What you can expect from therapy

Therapy (physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech therapy) will focus on your child’s area of need to help your child achieve age level developmental skills.

Your therapist will provide intervention to address your child’s specific are of need and give you suggestions of what to work on in between therapy sessions. Parent carryover and follow through are an important part therapy and your child’s success.

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